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    Beyroha is part of BELADAMAS.
    Strategic Supplier of Diamonds.
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    Poilished Diamonds Rough Diamonds.
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    Global Presence

    Multi Cultural Identity

    Skilled & Knowledegable team

    Firm Commitment

    precision and consistency

    Ethical Business Practise

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    Driven by the multicultural DNA of the group.
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    Core Values

    long lasting relationships

    To satisfy every client’s need

Multi Cultural Identity

Beyroha is a strategic supplier of diamonds to jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the world.

Ethical Business Practise

Beyroha offers a wide range of diamonds – rounds and fancy shapes – in fine make and in all colors.

Precision & Consitency

Beyroha also offers a host of industry related services.


Over Two Decades in Supplying Diamonds

We provide top notch Polished Daimonds to our customers world wide.

  • Round brilliants from 1 to 10 carats

  • Fancy shapes from 1/2 to 10 carats

  • Comprehensive Daimond assortment

  • Diamonds clarity assortments

  • AGS, HRD, IGI and GIA certification

  • Making customized orders


Want to know more about Diamonds, we will be more than glad to assist you

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