Investing in Trade

Beyroha conducts free seminars for members of the diamonds trade. In addition, special diamond training programs have been developed in association with leading jewellery trade bodies in the Middle East.

Global Reach

A key strength of Beyroha is access to Extensive distribution network in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Mumbai, Antwerp and Los Angeles.

Future Perfect

At Beyroha, each and every member is fully geared to meet the challenges and goals of the new millennium. The key strategic aim is to make Beyroha a leading global presence.

This is what we Do

Multi Cultural Identity

Beyroha is a strategic supplier of diamonds to jewelry manufacturers and retailers in the world.

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Ethical Business Practise

Beyroha offers a wide range of diamonds – rounds and fancy shapes – in fine make and in all colors.

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Precision & Consitency

Beyroha also offers a host of industry related services.

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Our Gradding process with 4 C's

Our experts has over mnay years of expereince is grading diamonds.

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Most diamonds in gems quality very in shades from colourless to yellow, to determine the correct colour.

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It is necessary to ascertain the number and the nature of any inclusion in the stone as well as their size and position.

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The cut is fetermined by how a diamond is cut, Polished and to what exted proportions are of utmost importance.

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The weight or size of a diamond is measured in carat, a carat is 0.2 grams. The price of a diamond is determined by features.